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Race the avalanche!

In Perpetual Snowslide you are a snowboarder sliding down an infinite procedural mountain as a massive avalanche tries to bury you.

The game is played with a Wii Balance Board and a VR headset! Time to dust off your old Wii Fit :-)

Note: This is still a prototype. The controls and some physics can still be improved, so feedback is very welcome!

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Install instructions

Pair your wii balance board using bluetooth to your computer. I recommend using WiiBalanceWalker (the prototype does not read any value from it, but it is the easiest UI to connect a Wii Balance board in windows).

Run the project and align your Wii Balance Board with the 3D model. Weare your VR headset! (Vive and Rift supported)

Step on your Wii Balance Board and jump in place to start .. and watch out for the trees!


VRSnowboard_SteamVR.zip 105 MB


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I’d love to see more Wii balance board vr games. I’ve played around a lot with dolphin vr and the balance board and it’s a lot of fun. 

I’ve played everyone that worked and Wii ski and wiifit were great. After playing them all, the best use I found was skateboarding in Wii fit. After playing that, I think a hover board vr game would be the best option if someone were to ever develop a bigger balance board vr game.

this is pretty cool but the fov is reduced on the vive. Im guessing its for motion sickness or something. anyway to go full screen in vr?

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Press left Alt (or maybe Ctrl) to remove the vignette . I have not tested on vive yet but probably that is the 'issue' 

thank you, I will try tonight.